Adult Foster Care Housing

Our Adult Foster Care Facility maintains 5 beds and focus on Transitional Housing. Clients are usually referred within CCMH but if necessary our facility can take clients from the state. Our House Adult Foster Home is a facility that provides skills training to introduce residents into the community for independent living.

Safety And Security:

Our House has increased outdoor lighting to ensure client safety during fire drill evacuations. A new multi level call button system was installed for client to staff communications, safety being a top priority in the three level Adult Foster Home.

Our Purpose:

CCMH’ Adult Foster Care location is primarily a transitional facility that is the final step in total independence. Independence skills are highly focused on including preparing and planning ones own meals, medication management and individual cooking and healthy living activities.

Community Involvement

Many clients at our Adult Foster Care location involve themselves in Volunteer work including:
  • Top Notch: Store Assistance
  • Local Animal Shelter Aid
  • Good Will Volunteer Work
Some Community Involvement is done through Fun Groups such as:
  • Yoga Classes and Yoga Activities
  • Planned Group Picnics
  • Swimming Activities
  • Cooking Activities and Cooking Skills
  • Bowling
  • Theater
  • Beach Trips

For more information for Foster Care Services: DHS Foster Care