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Hours: Monday-Friday

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Adult Services

Services Coordination

A services coordinator provides assistance in identifying, accessing and coordinating services and assures the delivery of services and supports required by an individual with a developmental disability.

Residential Services

Residential programs including foster care provide services in neighborhood settings for individuals who require care, supervision, support and training. Programs provide room and board as well as services such as monitoring of medical and health needs, behavior management, assistance with money management and participation in community and leisure time activities.

Adult Transition Planning

A services coordinator will work with individuals to assist them in transitioning from academic to vocational settings after completion of secondary education. Some of the services provided may range from assisting in job assessments, identifying local vocational providers, and assistance with placement options.

Employment & Alternatives to Employment

Employment and Alternatives to Employment Programs provide community based employment, training and support designed to increase an individual's independence, integration, and productivity.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis services may be available for adults who are at risk of institutionalization or at imminent risk to themselves or others. Services may be provided in the form of placement at a crisis bed, funding for additional supports in the existing service, training, technical assistance or other interventions.


Mobility training or transportation services may be provided for individuals for whom standard transportation sources are not available or cannot be accessed.

Brokerage Services

Support Service Brokerages provide individuals with help in identifying and coordinating the supports they may need in their own living environment. A personal agent works with the individual and acts as a facilitator for the supports. Some examples of support are budgeting, meal planning, job coaching and respite care.


A variety of trainings are offered locally and within the regional co-operative ranging from behavior management to financial management to guardianship processes.