What types of Services does the CCMH Veronica office currently offer?

CCMH offers counseling for children, adolescents, families and adults at the Vernonia office.

We have drug and alcohol treatment and groups for adults and adolescents.

Services include individual (all ages) and family therapy, parenting support, in-home family therapy and parenting support when appropriate, case management for adults, drug and alcohol treatment.

Location Information

1005 Cougar St

Vernonia, OR 97064

Phone 503-438-2197

Fax 503-429-3423

CCMH Vernonia Office Hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 am 5:00 pm

What can CCMH offer to its Vernonia clients?

There are no other counseling agencies in Vernonia.

There may be some private practice individuals that I can’t really speak about as I don’t know what they offer.

We are able to see people with limited income, private health insurance and state insurance.

This is helped a great deal by the fact that the two therapists that provide mental health counseling are Licensed Practicing Counselors.

We offer quality services to those that live in a rural community, within their hometown.

This has become crucial with economic struggles, gas prices and changes/limitations to public transportation to and from the town.

Since the flooding many services have pulled out of Vernonia or been cut.

Following the flood, the services we offered didn’t decrease, they have increased.

Additionally, through a special grant with the school districts, we are able to provide services within the school once a week, improving convenience for parents and access for children.

Additionally, though our counselors are only in the office once a week in town, we are available to Vernonia Clients just as we are to all other clients by phone as we work for the agency full time.

What types of clients does CCMH Vernonia support?

We assist everyone including children adults and adolescents.

How has the CCMH Vernonia office improved over the years?

Since the flood in December 2007 we expanded services offering two licensed therapists one full day a week (Monday’s) and a drug and alcohol therapist one full day a week (Thursday’s) and a case manager (Thursday’s).

Prior to the flood we had one day of a therapist and one day of drug and alcohol.

Following the flood in December 2007, we did some renovations in the office including new carpeting, repainting, remodeled our bathroom and brought in new, more comfortable seating for clients.

We also have more efficient heating than previously as well as air conditioning for the summer now. The drug and alcohol therapist uses new audio/visual equipment for his groups and training.

Additional Contact Information

Some important details are that we are not able to provide walk in crisis counseling, that is still available at the main agency, and as always I include the crisis number.

Call 503-397-5211 -or- 1-800-294-5211

For After hours Crisis Call: 1-866-866-1426

A qualified therapist will assist you in accessing whatever services you require, as well as provide support.

People who want to call and ask questions should call the main agency, as we do not staff this building full time.

During the winter months, we base inclement weather closures or delays on what the schools post.