Cornerstone Housing Location

Cornerstone is a state licensed 16 bed facility for clients facing serious mental illness. Cornerstone is a transitional facility that assists in skill development so a greater level of independence can be achieved.

This facility provides many things to residents including skill development, stabilization, med management, structure, and support to assist people to gain the skills they need to gain to live more independently in the community.

Location Information


271 Columbia Blvd.

St Helens, OR 97051

Phone: 503-397-0391

Fax: 503-366-1067


105 S 3rd

St Helens, OR 97051

Phone: 503-397-6900

Fax: 503-397-6818


  • Nutrition Programs
  • Exercise Groups
  • Community Activities


  • Crisis Services
  • Respite Bed
  • Crisis Response
  • Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Residential Services
  • Family Services

Alternatives Housing Location

Alternatives is also a state licensed housing facility with 9 available beds. Alternatives focuses on personal interactions and skills.

Alternatives is located within walking distance from Cornerstone and the two facilties provide overlapping assistance to clients.

Alternatives makes available to its clients skills and tools to further education and communication, such as internet access.

Our Locations Provide the Following Assets to Clients

Housing and Care

Cornerstone is a fully accommodating housing facility amongst many other housing options for clients within CCMH. Provided Housing allows the client time to focus on the road to managing their lives again.

Medication Management

Onsite nurses and therapists assist the proper administering and monitoring of medications. By having staff manage the food, shelter and clothing for clients, clients are more able to focus on medication management, and staff here is willing and able to helping them learn this with time.

Healthy Living

Our staff teaches people the values of proper nutrition and the benefits of learning to provide meals for one's self.

Respite bed

Emergency needs of the community are met by ensuring a temporary stay in a respite bed is available for 30 days. This stay can be used by anyone in the community even those not directly admitted to us. During this time the Cornerstone staff will make a determination as to the direction of care the individual should receive if either admitted to Cornerstone or other CCMH Facilities. This bed in the past has been a fast solution to providing care for people in times of need or emergencies.