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Stories of Success at CCMH

I suppose I should have enough confidence in myself to say I would have eventually gotten a job anyway without Dezaray Van Trump and Supported Employment. But frankly, knowing myself as I do, I'm still uncertain about that. But even if I had found a job on my own, I would have then missed out on the confidence I received from all the support they have given there. In my life I learned long long ago that asking for help meant that even if I got it, it would be limited, begrudged, and often ill-tempered assistance. My absolutely opposite experience with SE has overwhelmed me.

Dezaray had the magic touch of never pressuring me, yet always keeping my attention on my goals, so - in my own time - I accomplished things that surprised me. And so persuasive is she about her continuing support that rather becoming depressed and dismayed by any problems I have at work, just knowing that for the first time ever I actually have someone eager to back me up gives me the confidence to work through my problems on my own. Truly an extraordinary sensation. The fact that both Dezaray and Candy Applebee have both unhesitatingly expended that most precious of commodities... time... to drive me places made me completely over-gush with gratitude toward them. Embarrassing, but they deserve it. And speaking of driving, I have to mention the small but critical role Vocational Rehab played. When starting my job I didn't have the money to buy fuel to drive to work, but I wouldn't be payed until after I worked for a while. VR provided me with enough fuel to get through that Catch-22 dilemma and so were utterly indispensable.

-Client receiving Supported Employment Services

I wanted to share my story of how the Supported Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation have helped me! I have been involved with Columbia Community Mental Health (CCMH) since 2013. During my involvement with CCMH I have been assisted with various types of treatments but since my engagement SE and VR things have gone really well.

Since I started working with supported employment things really started to change for me. My initial starting goal was to obtain employment for the reasons of social interactions. My dream job was work at a theater. My Supported Employment Specialist & I put work in creating a vocational profile and job development including handing in a resume at a theater. About a month later I received a call from that same theater asking for an interview. With my Supported Employment Specialists’ help I was able to learn how to get over being nervous and learn how to respond correctly which supported my confidence during the interview.

A few days later I got a call back stating that I got the job. Right away my SE and VR helped me with purchasing work clothes and preparing myself to start working. I was ecstatic and I still am today. Now that I am working I’ve made friends, learned skills, gained confidence in myself, and have had a dramatic change for the better in my life and recovery.

-Client receiving Supported Employment Services