Columbia Community Mental Health strives to empower individuals to take control of their health and wellness and is dedicated to excellence in providing personalized, holistic healthcare and support in every individual's journey.

Mental Health

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Our focus for Individual therapy is to allow a client to learn skills to cope with and resolve presenting issues. We work to establish a nurturing process to help put the client back in charge of their lives.

Addiction Treatment

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Addiction treatment can change lives and supports long-term recovery. Don't wait to take the first step on your journey to a better future.

Child & Youth Counseling

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Our wonderful therapists and counselors will guide you through the process of creating nurturing and healthy relationships with your children and teens.

Developmental Disabilities

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The Developmental Disabilities Program serves children and adults who are developmentally disabled throughout our communities.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

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The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program serves adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses in an evidence-based program.

Crisis Intervention

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Crisis therapists provide supportive counseling, outreach, assessment, and referral information to individuals experiencing an emotional crisis or interpersonal difficulties.

" I am truly grateful for your honesty, love, and compassion. I will carry all of you with me into my newfound recovery and my hope for a brighter future."

Former Client